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Blue Ball Art is two print makers: Freda and Peter Davis. They have been creating hand made prints using heritage techniques such as intaglio etching using dry point or chemical etches such as Edinburgh etch, nitric acid, copper sulphate for many years.   Each subject helps to decide what technique to use. Recently Freda has been producing pictures for a forthcoming gardening calendar using Lino.   

Peter has been producing studies of musicians using intaglio plates.   This is where a metal plate - in this case zinc - is etched with nitric acid.

Both are inspired by the natural world and the activities of that curious organism - humanity.

About Blue Ball Art

Freda at Hot Bed Press in Salford

Freda at Hot Bed Press in Salford working on her gardening calendar which will be ready next  year with tips and procedures from Peter.

We already produce a Moon Calendar which has been used since 1986 by many people to track the year.   Illustrated by Freda.

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