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Puzzle Prints

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Splashes of Light. Aquatint engraving. 15 left.  Size is 250 by 165 mm Price.£30

Ash. Linocut.  400 by 300 mm. 10 left.   Price £30

Snow Flurries.   Sugar lift etching  with aquatint. 200 by 180 mm. Price £30

Castles in Spain. Aquatint etching. Size is 150 by 120 mm. Price £25

Trausse. Large collograph using carborundum and glue. 5 left.  Size is 660 by 400 mm.  Price is £50.

The Edge of the wood.  Aquatint etching small at 110 by 100. 15 left. £25

Ogden Water.   Dry point on zinc.  6 left. Size is 300 by 230 mm. £35

Guitar Society.  Sugar lift etching on zinc.   Size is 200 by 200.  15 left.   £25.

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Combo.   Two colour lino cut using reduction method. 50 left.   Size is 200 by 200 mm.   Price is £30

Orange Jazz  Three colour lino cut print on Snowden paper  A5. Mounted.  Price is £30

The Puzzle Hall Inn Lino Cut. Print on Snowden paper. A5.  Mounted price is £30 .