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Puzzle Prints

Price list (prices inc post and packaging in UK) Sleeper:  from dry point on plastic sheet..   Print size is 145 by 210 mm .25 left . Price :£30  mounted, unframed. At the bar: An etching combined with carborundum collagraphy. 10 left.   Print size is 225 by  15mm. Price £30 mounted and unframed. Sleeper on the train..  From  dry point on a plastic . 9 left. Print size is 120 by 200 mm.. Price £30 Sizes given are of the printed area  and the paper used is Somerset unless otherwise stated.  All prints are mounted using a plain mount board  ready for framing. Listening to Jazz.  From dry point on zinc. 5 left.  Print size is 200 by 240 mm. Price £25 Pam. From dry point on plastic. 10 left. Print size is 150 by 205 mm. £25

There Soon.  From drypoint on plastic.  Size 145 by  205.   Price £25

Fashion Parade.  Collograph.  5 left. Colours are slightly variable due to the hand inking process. Size is 300 by 250 mm. £30

Boy on a Chair.  Aquatint. 15 left. Size is 200 by 165 mm. £30

And another thing.   Dry point and carborundum colograph.  5 left. Size is 225 by 150 mm. Price £30

At the Bar Red Shirt. Dry point and colograph. 1 left. Size is 225 by 150 mm.  Price is £30

Hand and Brain. Lino cut. 15 left. Size is 200 by 180 mm. Price £30.

Base Groove. Etching on zinc hand coloured. 2 left. Size is 220 by 150 mm. Price £30.

Trausse.  Colograph using glue paint and carborundum. Variable colours. Size is

280 by 650 mm.

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